Proof of Fitness

The Premise

You should be able to walk, run, cycle, swim, ski, go to the gym, participate in a multitude of activities and earn rewards.

Take back control of your data from sources including wearables, 3rd party apps, external devices and visits to your local sports/fitness venue, storing it in one secure place.

Share it with 3rd parties in the following ways:

  • Rewarded for successful completion of sponsor challenges
  • Reduced cost health services & insurance
  • Shared revenue from anonymised data set sales

The Problem

Your Health & Fitness data is becoming increasingly valuable and...

You don't own it

Businesses own your data. While some allow data extraction, it can be in an unusable format. You may also use different products or wearables, making tracking or gathering meaningful insight hard.

It's not secure

The news is littered with examples of large organisations who have been hacked and the resulting data either posted on the web or sold to buyers.

You get no benefit

Many large businesses are built around selling your data to advertisers to drive revenue. Your data is the commodity and so you should be benefitting from its intrinsic value.

The Solution

PUML is a global open standard for fitness records and loyalty. It’s blockchain-based platform, protects and then normalises fitness data to help calculate Personal Units that are then rewarded using the Health and Fitness Rewards protocol.

Total Control

PUML will let you take back control of your health & fitness data. One record to aggregate all of your data sources. You will be able to decide whether you wish to share your data and with whom.

Secure Blockchain

Utilising blockchain, the PUML Platform will securely facilitate the exchange of data for value between members and stakeholders, without compromising its integrity.

Rewards for Proof of Fitness

In owning and protecting your valuable data, PUML will provide ways to monetise it including a marketplace for sponsored challenges and rewards, as well as introducing organisations interested in your data.

Proof of Fitness for Everyone

The PUML project aims to securely store and decentralise anyones data to facilitate value exchange.
  • Connecting to multiple 3rd party sources (Mass adoption + participation)
  • Verifying authenticity (Remove fraudulent transactions)
  • Normalising into activity units (anyone can participate, whatever sport or activity suits them)

Example Health Data - Weight, Height, Heart Rate, Body Composition

Example Movement Data - Activity, Speed, Distance, Time

How it works

Used by over 30K people, PUML is building the new sweat economy to incentivise healthy behaviour. Combining the best of breed technology and insight from the Pummel and Zippy businesses, PUML will build a digital Health & Fitness record and rewards protocol to incentivise members to add their data and get rewarded for a healthier lifestyle, engaging in a collective Exercise as a Medicine ecosystem.

Connect data sources

PUML will provide integrations with popular 3rd party fitness apps and wearables, to store data in your secure Health & Fitness Record

We will also provide our own proprietary app technology to sports and fitness businesses, to provide proof of fitness.

Go out and exercise

Our integrations will allow members to participate in a multitude of sporting activities using a range of apps and wearables. Many activity types will be available from walking, running, cycling, swimming, surfing, to going to your local gym, PT or run club to name but a few.

If you participate in organised events this data can be captured and added to your record.

Normalise the data

It’s important to allow participation of any willing member, even if they aren’t a honed athlete.

Our rules engine will crunch the data and convert it into units of activity. This will keep all parties incentivised and level the playing field.

Rewards Protocol and Marketplace

Members will be able to search for challenges to earn coins in return. These could be sponsored by friend/family, associated clubs, brands, employers or public health bodies. This is the key mechanism to incentivise members to add data to their record. Corporate wellness programs could engage employees to reduce sick days and increase productivity. Public health services can build smart activity challenge programs to incentivise patients to lead healthier lifestyles.

Fighting obesity and related diseases

We hope that including multiple sponsors into the network, we can really be part of the solution to help fight obesity.

We believe in executing the PUML vision, society as a whole will benefit as members will live healthier lifestyles.

The Token

The PUML token is an EOS based Utility token that will be used in ver 2.0 of our platform to manage and control loyalty rewards.

  • Token Symbol PUML
  • Total Tokens 500,000,000
  • Blockchain Protocol EOS
  • Token Price $0.06 USD
  • Token Type Utility


The journey so far and our future plans

Our Existing Platforms

Pummel Pty Ltd has already delivered 2 major platforms with over 30,000 registered users in Australia and New Zealand. Pummel fitness is a marketplace of the best personal trainers and fitness experts. Simply download and find a PT in your local area. Zippy has its own loyalty platform where gyms and fitness professionals can reward their users for participation.

The Executive Team

Damien King, Co-CEO/CTO
Damien King
Founder, Co-CEO/CTO

Technologist, Founder, CTO, Startup specialist, ex-Virgin Media, BBC, Adaptive Media

Adam Samuel, Co-CEO/COO
Adam Samuel
Co-Founder, Co-CEO/COO

Operations & Marketing, Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, ex- Nortel Networks

Stephanie Verin, DMO
Stephanie Verin

International Marketing, Blockchain enthusiast, Ex- World Economic Forum, Procter & Gamble and Nissan

Joel Martin, CFO
Joel Martin

Financial controller, Director - Corvid Group Commercial Consultancy, Ex Ikon Communications

The Advisory Board

Richard Moore, Non Executive Director
Richard Moore
Non Executive Director

Investment banker, Angel Investor, Startup Specialist

Holly Stephens, Marketing & Blockchain Advisor
Holly Stephens
Marketing & Blockchain Advisor

Founder of Triangles, CMO of Beam, Ex- Google.

Dr Clarence Tan, Futurist & Blockchain Advisor
Dr Clarence Tan
Futurist & Blockchain Advisor

Exponential Technology and AI, Former Inaugural Asia Pacific Ambassador of Singularity University at NASA Ames Research Park, Professor at Bond University and Griffith University

Dr Ramana Panda, GP Medical Advisor
Dr Ramana Panda
GP Medical Advisor

Healthcare Management Consultant, founded Tele-health systems start-up

Phil Gunter, Loyalty Rewards Advisor
Phil Gunter
Loyalty Rewards Advisor

Managed Virgin Australia’s Velocity program for over 7 years, Ex- Westpac, Amex, CBA and British Airways.

Fabian Bartnick, Revenue Expert & Blockchain Advisor
Fabian Bartnick
Revenue Expert & Blockchain Advisor

Vice President of Asia Pacific & International business at LodgIQ, global revenue optimization expert. Ex- IDeaS.

Randall Griffiths, Partnerships & Commercial Advisor
Randall Griffiths
Partnerships & Commercial Advisor

Commercial leader and entrepreneur connecting start-ups/corporations with VC's and investors.

David Gerrie, Financial Advisor
David Gerrie
Financial Advisor

CFO, Ex- Starcom Mediavest, PG Lion Resources and ZenithOptimedia


We’ve provided answers to some popular questions people have asked in the past. For anything else, jump on Telegram or Twitter and ask us anything about the project.

The commodity of today is data and everyone wants to get in on the action. As consumers we are unwittingly offering our data to organisations who are selling that data to others. This commercial reality is fine, but you should be able to profit from these transactions too. When you interact and add your data to a website, it will likely be stored on a centralised database. If hacked it's easy to take all that personalised data and sell it on the black market. PUML will not store data in this way, making it very hard for hackers to steal your information.

If you own and control your data, you can exchange it with an organisation in return for rewards. We for see this being done in the following ways:
1/ Revenue Share - Shared anonymised data pool, sold to a large research organisation.
2/ Reduced insurance premiums and health services - Shared personal data direct to provider
3/ Reward Tokens - Completion of sponsored challenges

Be part of the solution that helps move the needle on the global obesity epidemic. Using a member-owned secure health & fitness record, PUML will help reward fitness activity and healthy lifestyle choices. In doing so this will give control back to the member, who can then choose how their data can be used and commercialised.

Challenges are part of the incentive mechanism to motivate members to participate in fitness activities. Essentially sponsors (businesses and organisations) will offer challenges for tokens. On successful completion members will receive the agreed amount of tokens and be able to spend those balances in the marketplace.


  • SPONSOR - Gym or Personal Trainer
  • GOAL - To incentivise attendance and reduce attrition rates
  • CHALLENGE - Attend a venue or class once a week for 8 weeks REWARD - 200 PUML tokens
  • TYPE - Invite only

Big data sets have become a commodity that many organisations would like to get their hands on and from a members point of view are an increasingly valuable asset.


  • SPONSOR - Researcher/Brand/University
  • GOAL - Health and Fitness studies need data to be able to test a hypothesis and draw meaningful conclusions. The more comprehensive the better as the spread of data leads to better outcomes.
  • OFFER - Provide cycling data for 2018 (minimum 10 data sets) – 350 PUML Tokens
  • TYPE - Opt in only

The marketplace is fundamental, as it serves as the point of exchange from tokens into real-world products and services. It will be core to the ecosystem with all actors able to interact in one place. It will also be populated by Service Providers, who will add their products and services to it for sale in return for tokens. Examples may include digital video classes, nutrition plans, event entries, activewear, supplements, veggie boxes, limited edition kit, experiences money can’t buy and even donations to charity.